ExhibitorLive! 2015

MAY 2015

Working in collaboration with Exhibit Concepts Inc., to design and fabricate a live string art mural at ExhibitorLive 2015 in Las Vegas. This well calculated campaign centred around the notion of connections which led to the metaphor of string art, where the strings are representative of the connections between company and clients.

The 20’ x 20’ space featured eye-catching abstract art created by nylon ropes and paracord woven within two wooden frames. However, the focal point of the booth was the live string art mural. The concept of two minds – one resembling a question mark and the other with a lightbulb – the final product perfectly reflected ECI’s motto “Where Challenges and Ideas Connect.” The ever-evolving installation lured attendees to Exhibit Concepts’ booth again and again to check the progress. However, the work in progress also served as the perfect conversation starter for booth staffers, allowing them to explain how the exhibit house creates strong client connections that give birth to imaginative solutions.

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