A string of thoughts

Great Northern Hotel, Kings Cross, London

A tying of knots, a flight of stairs, a pencil of lines, a morning of hammers, a river of stories, a cluster of diamonds, a grid of maps, a twinkling of todays, an engagement of eyes, a journey of discoveries…

The cartography of string we created at GNH is both real and imagined, designed to guide your ascent on the staircase; the hammered nails and embroidery pins connected by threads that portray real places as strings of memory. A String of Thoughts is a journey of discovery embracing some of London’s iconic landmarks, its
connectivity and rich heritage.

Threads between abstracted thoughts and tangible places. Here we portray a city of transition: from original Ordinance Surveys guiding travelers in years gone by to heat maps charting interaction in the age of internet; an industrial revolution to one of technology; the unspoken conversations and bumping bodies of
strangers along the waterways and winding streets; the hustle of intersections and stations, from where Western Europe lies beyond.

Working in connection with ARTIQ, we designed, and installed this permanent artwork, leading from the GNH reception to the Plum + Spilt Milk restaurant.