Wire(less) Connections

Israel Museum of Art, Jerusalem

May 2016- March 2017

A towering 3m x 3m suspended tightrope walking boy; designed and installed on site for the exhibition Wire(less) Connections; alongside artists like Roy Lichtenstein, Man Ray and video artist Bill Viola to name a few.

 “Visually exciting, thought-provoking, and profoundly conceived, Wire(less) Connections, awakens the curious mind. From spider’s webs to the world wide web, from the metaphoric end of the rope to the first connection that nourishes us into being – the umbilical cord, and the mythological thread of life in the hands of the three fates – the physical, visual, poetic and metaphoric are intertwined through the works of Israeli and international artists, creating many options and possibilities for experiencing, viewing, and discussion. Curated by Daniella Shalev, the exhibition will be on display in the Weinstein Gallery of the Youth Wing at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, ….Many of the works reflect meticulous technique, and Sisyphean labor intense processes, as seen in Debbie Smyth’s The Tightrope Walker, often in combination with a wild imagination.”

Ayelet Dekel, Midnight East

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