It’s a Small World

24th – 31st May 2013

It’s a small world, installed as part of The Map is not the Territory exhibition at 44AD Bath

Due to technological advances in communications and travel, friendship networks could grow larger and span greater distances. It’s a small world is an attempt to freeze frame the ever-increasing warp-speed zing of connectedness of human beings in the world today. Despite great physical distances between the globes individuals, the growing density of human networks makes the actual social distance far smaller.

A static pattern strung to the walls; each line of thread representing a connection but there are so many, it’s hard for the brain to absorb or the eyes to focus. This deficiency seems odd because modern times are supposed to overwhelm us with data, give us too many voices, too many choices — yet this work shows how simple repetition of simple material is enough to send our vision trembling ecstatically and creates volume and marked space in a way that contradicts it’s virtually invisible integral parts.

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