Le Méridien Map

Le Méridien Map installed at  LE MÉRIDIEN, Hamburg dynamically depicts shipping routes of the world. The piece was designed to be suit the travel themed style of the hotel. The use of various tones of wire is in keeping with the hotels luxurious interior design whilst the metallic glimmers echo the movements of the guests.

Measuring 3 metres x 4 metres, this piece takes centre stage in the hotels foyer and is the focal point as soon as you come through the doors.

Produced in collaboration with JOI-Design

“The reception has been completely transformed into a bright, expansive oval space furnished at one end with a pair of prominent timber-clad reception desks. Behind these, a specially commissioned large-scale artwork by UK artist Debbie Smyth is an eye-catching backdrop; thousands of fine metallic threads crisscross the surface to illustrate a map of the world, with select lines emphasised to indicate key international shipping routes of today”
Space Magazine & JOI-Design