“The exhibition Material Evidence brings together four artists-Clare Lane, Laura McCafferty and recent graduates Debbie Smyth and Caroline Kirton- whose work reflects the importance of making and materials in contemporary art. They represent a new wave of artists and makers with a fresh take on the boundaries between art and craft. By exploring a range of processes, each artist reveals an affinity for working with the physicality of the textile medium in a fresh and exciting way.” – Jo Hall, Exhibition curator.
Commonplace industrial structures, architectural forms and bridges have always been a big source of inspiration for me and the Runcorn Widnes Bridge was no exception. Its dramatic scale, the repetitive nature of its structure and its intricacy all simultaneously intrigued me. However it wasn’t until I began to explore the bridge from all angles and view points that it’s captivating and bewildering perspective had me in awe. This matrix of steel rods seemed to funnel and disperse with the arch of the bridge giving it an air of illusiveness. By combining it’s complexity with my simple materials I feel I have captured its eye tricking nature.

One of my initial sketches for the Jubilee Bridge installation (above)

A lovely shot of me installing the Jubilee Bridge, 19/02/09 (above)

And a couple of shots of the final installation (above)

Running on from my pylon series, the bridge was an interesting addition to my pin and thread landscape. However unlike my pylons which I saw as floating linear structures, this bridge had a location; surroundings full of stories. It is the inclusion of these stories, which fundamentally is the less recognized beauty of Runcorn, which brings my piece to life.

The exhibition has had some good press coverage which include
Liverpool Daily Post, AN Magazine and The Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News

There will be a discussion at 1pm on 14th March about the work, with all four artists and the exhibition curator Jo Hall. Admission is free.

The exhibition is Supported by Arts Council England.

Some of my smaller work will also be on show, see below

And finally a general overview of the gallery, see below,

Just a little glimpse of whats on offer, all you have to do now is go and see it.

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